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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tomorrow currently 85 degrees, at regan national going to be so much better tomorrow our afternoon high tomorrow cooler air on the way 81 winchester not cool at the moment, 82 ocean city fredericks burg 82 degrees changes to talk about, frontal system approaching from the north and west cloud cover and rain showers across central portion of pennsylvania at the moment that frontal system will work into the area later this afternoon be ready for possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms later today again the best chance, focal point south and east of the city southern maryland, lower eastern shore good chance of thunderstorms late this afternoon cooler and dryer air will start to move in much better tomorrow details coming up for you for today mostly sunny skies afternoon thunderstorm 93 still hot. details and weather coming up back to you. thank you our top story
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this hour an airport security hearing on capitol hill. >> chair of a house subcommittee looking into why there have been thousands of security breaches despite thousands spent. good morning it is a congressman from utah, holding hearings this morning on airport security. here are statistics that the congressman is citing that have brought concern to him, 25,000 security breaches since november 2001 according to the congressman, 14,000 people found their way into sensitive areas of airports 6,000 made it past without proper scrutiny and tsa is responding saying only a tiny fraction of 1% of those searched, 5.5 billion since september 11th are those called into question and tsa released a statement to respond to the congressman as well i believe we have that statement and they said quote the 25,000
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figure is misleading because security breach is broadly defined to include instances ranging from a checked bag being misplaced after it went through security to screening a person caught in the acts of breaching security and immediately apprehended tsa had a lot of criticism of late, primarily video seraph'sed including -- surfaced including searches on very young children, people over the age of 90 but tsa said we cannot exclude anybody it is our job to protect the flying public, and they are defending their actions they will have a chance to defend their actions in a much more public forum that gets under way in the form of a house committee hearing scheduled for 9:30 a.m. this morning reporting live from dulles international airport, back to you. for more on the airport security issue and discussion that the fixation terrorists have with our security, we
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bring in jj green national security correspondent for wtop radio. good morning. >> as we report this story, and these hearings today, you have news that you say terrorists are indeed almost obsessed fixated with specific locations and security. >> this is one of the stated goals of al qaeda and has been since the early 90s, the last thing that most folks heard that sort of raised the eyebrows was the situation where there was a man who basically had been hording boarding passes that were not his and able to success bring use those boarding passes to skirt -- successfully use those boarding passes to skirt airport security people are always looking for ways to sneak through the system some avoiding paying money and others with more serious and
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malicious intention in tow. let's be clear about it failed bomber -- underrer wear bomber on the detroit flight a couple years ago was a success because they learned what they needed to do and fix in order to get to where they wanted to be the printer cartridge bomb after a year or so ago that was another success because again they learned each time there are situations where people sneak through get through and we learn about it they learn from it and use it to prepare themselves to do other hinges. >> were you surprised at -- to do other things. >> were you surprised at the sheer number of attempted? >> no, when you look back over 10 years a lot of people have gone through airports you have to consider too that was a small percentage considering how many people actually used the airports, that being said there are somethings according to experts that have taken place that simply don't make
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sense, it appears to suggest the system is somewhat dysfunctional including searches of older people and younger people, and some searches that just don't make sense there are somethings that they can do according to experts that could make them better, but no, i am not surprised at all by the number they are under a heck of a lot of pressure each day all it takes is just one oversight, the right -- the wrong oversight and we are in big trouble. >> frightening reminder indeed. it appears we are jumping topics want to get to a lot if we can. harmid karzai half brother killed by his bodyguards, how big is this? he was a controversial characters what is the fall out? >> awk as he is known in some circles was the done he was the dean -- don, he was the dean of kandahar some people call him the teflon don of afghanistan
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he was the guy able to hold it together nothing happened on his watch without his approval or blessing the taliban said they killed him talking to sources early on after this happened yesterday, they may not have done it the sources i have been talking to indicate this may have been a personal dispute that emanated from some tribal troubles or some personal dealings that he had and one u.s. official told me he was no boy scout but you don't find a lot of boy scouts there in the area. while he was a very charismatic and well known guy able to get things done he had a dark side that dark side perhaps caught up with him. >> one more topic to get in i think pakistan, eliminates visas to u.s. military personnel the u.s. holding back $800 million to them what is going on here. >> one problem with the whole process is after the osama bin laden killing, pakistan clearly obviously was upset with the
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u.s. because they were not put in on the loop on this they changed its process where by u.s. citizens can get visas to come to the country the u.s. cannot deliver some of the u.s. military aid to them, without those visas the way that works is some of that u.s. military aid according to folks at the pentagon is in the form of parts helicopters, communication and transportation parts that material cannot be delivered without being accompanied by u.s. military personnel some of those visas that have been cut off, would be for u.s. military personnel you can't deliver aid if you don't have the visas to go with the personnel that need the travel with it. >> a bit short sighted. >> some have said it was a situation they cut off their nose despite their face your language is probably a bit more dipole mattic. >> thank you very much. jj green hope to see you soon.
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thank you both now to the fight over raising the debt ceiling after more talks at the white house last night still no agreement in sight but the top senate republican is suggesting a plan to give the president authority to simply decide to raise the credit limit on his own he wants to give the president sweeping power to automatically increase the nations debt limit avoid any default next month and go into effect unless congress specifically votes to stop it the president is not rejecting the idea. >> >> and another big story we are following opening statements are about to begin in the trial of roger clemens the baseball legend accused of lying to congress during a hearing in 2008 when he denied using performance enhancing drugs defense expected to question whether the house investigation into whether he used drugs was proper he faces 30 years in prison if convicted. dcs government will not be
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in the business of selling guns councilmember phil mendle son has with drawn a bill to allow the government to temporarily act as a gun dealer the only legal gun dealer in the district closed in april three residents sued claiming violation of their second amendment rights they had no legal way to buy a gun the mayors office is trying to find a new location for the business. dc council approved a major shake up of its committee assignments in a vote stripping tommy wells of his transportation committee chairman ship council chair brown said wells has done a quote phenomenal job but the move has many focussing back on the two fully loaded suvs ordered for brown at taxpayer cost, the website greater greater washington broke that story it may be political pay back. >> he has been angry with tommy wells ever since the suv report this was a big surprise because
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i think brown is sending a clear signal he expecting council members to cover up the wrong doing he himself has engaged in. >> councilmember wells says he is not focussing on brown's decision he will take over the committee on parks and recreation. >> vincente grey took to the radio tuesday to discuss issue s with city council here is what he had to say about the federal investigation of brown. >> i don't know the details of it i have no idea what went on in the campaign i am sure chairman brown will put additional information on the table but hopefully it will clarify what went on and the questions raised and i think mark the best thing to do rather than me speculate and not have all the information is just let the investigation proceed. >> mayor also denied reports that a federal grand jury is looking into allegationings someone on his campaign staff
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paid brown to attack then incumbent fandi. >> the woman convicted of killing two men driving drunk on a suspended license learns her fate how long will she spend behind bars. details ahead. >> official questions, and lots of them in the wake of the media phone hacking scandal in england. the latest developments up next 11 minutes after 9 
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>> update on the incident that shut down the belt way both directions a crane doing construction pulled down power lines on to 495 near route 66, temporary repairs are all done now everyone that lost power they are back on as well permanent repairs will be done in the coming days when it will least effect traffic. a woman convicted of killing two men in prince
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georges county driving drunk, has learned her fate she was sentenced to the maximum of 20 years in prison today the victim's families are still coming to grip s with the shocking crime. here is fox 5s. paul wagner. >> reporter: just before 11:00 p.m. february 1st, 2010, the two men were exchanging insurance information by the side of the road when jenny plowed into them at a high rate of speed it was horrific with rosarios body dragged for 100 feet under her suv. he died in front of his 15-year- old brother who was riding in the car that night. the judge went through a long list of run ins she has had with the law including the fact that she had just been convicted of dwi in montgomery county and waiting to be sentenced. >> i understand that everybody makes mistakes and they need another chance, but make too many mistakes.
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>> reporter: without turning around to face the family members she read from some papers she held in her hand saying i apologize for your loss i am not perfect. i hope you can forgive me for my sins i am trying to find peace. i have been suffering from alcohol addiction. >> how many times do you have to you know, make a mistake or get punished for something, to just keep doing it over and over again, it has to stop eventually so, hopefully it will stop now and hopefully for good. his sister listened to the apology but felt it didn't ring true. >> i was angry because to me, it seemed like she didn't really mean her apology she didn't really care she didn't understand how much trouble she caused and how much pain she caused to my family. roy was the father of five, rosario his father said loved
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his family so much he wanted to build a house big enough so all of them could live together. >> there is no truth in sentencing in maryland it is unlikely she will have to spend nearly those 20 years in prison she has a 5-year-old son and pregnant with another child on the way due in september. paul wagner fox 5 newsroom. parking lot brawl turned deadly over the weekend now capitol heights police are looking for a group of teens responsible saturday night outside an apartment complex off southern avenue, police say 50-year-old raymond stuart and another man tried to break up a fight when they were attacked by a dozen young men the suspects allegedly hit stuart with a 2 by 4 and metal pole killing him police say murder charges are possible. a suspected serial arsonist is due in court today, he is charged with starting three fires in the district one of those fires injured five firefighters back in april. he was arrested last week after
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he was caught allegedly setting fire to a vacant home northeast, police say he is also under investigation for several other arson cases in the district and maryland. virginia based government contractor is investigating how some of its private files ended up on the internet, he confirmed the data breach a day after members of an online activist group claim to have stolen tens of thousands of encrypted military passwords and posted them online the company said they don't believe the attack went that far. rue pert murdoch chairman of news corp. is answering questions in front of british particle meantry hearing. >> under pressure to give up his plan to take over a lucrative satellite broadcasting company in the wake of the news of the world scandal but there is a defiant mood at his papers with the sun criticizing the former prime minister, gordon brown for claiming they illegally got confidential medical information about his youngest son. current british prime minister
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cameron is promising to investigate if any 9/11 victims were targeted a senior london police officer explained why he did not explain phone hacking allegations at the news of the world years earlier. >> i had no idea, i had no idea, but as far as i was concerned from july 2009 and even july 2006 this effected a rogue reporter that is what we believed to be the case. >> prime minister cameron says this morning, that he will support a motion for a vote that declares murdoch for the british sky casting news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >> she was i have is thing her mothers grave for 20 years only to recently find out it is not her mother buried there more on that mix upcoming up. holly is getting ready to dance holly. >> good morning to you guys we have the best seat in the house
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for you today the house being eisenhower theatres center where we are live and getting our own preview of zaid and the dream we have been in the costume room rehearsal room now they are doing last minute preps on stage before the entire cast joins us live later for the finale >> first a look at today's trivia question what did christopher cockerol invent with his wife's hair drier in 1950, space heater, defroster, instant developing film or hover craft the answer in just a little bit take a guess now on our facebook page we are back in a moment, 20 minutes after 9 
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>> foreigner first lady betty ford remembered -- former first lady betty ford remembered, former first ladies, rose lynn carter and former president george bush and others at the service yesterday in palm desert she died friday at age 93. significant development in the presidential race texas republican congressman ron paul won't run for congress again the 75-year-old says he has gotten more support for his presidential run than ever and won't try to run for two officers at once meantime -- offices at once meantime the former utah governor is comparing his resume to mitt romney he told voters under his leadership utah ranks first in job creation under romney's time as governor massachusetts was 47. president oh gamma brought in a lot of -- obama brought in a lot of money for his campaign
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and democratic party he raised more than $86 million in just the last three months, that is for both his re-election campaign and the party. the figure gives the president a big fundraising lead over republicans. >> new jersey woman outraged she says over a grave mix up at a cemetery. she has been visiting her mothers grave for 20 years recently found out the plot is someone else's despite the fact that she has an official deed for it. the cemetery sent her a letter saying her mothers grave site was elsewhere but the woman is not convinced the new grave location is correct her attorney filed a $25 million lawsuit. >> effort and care needed to care for someone's loved one at a final stage in life wasn't provided. >> the woman wants the cemetery to find her mothers body so she can move it to a different location. >> hall lee berry getting a
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and now french's comes with 40% more happy in every bottle. french's. happy starts here. the fan who caught derek jeters 3,000th ball could be looking at a hefty tax bill, christian lopez gave the historic ball back to jeter,. >> in return the yankees gave him four luxury suites for the rest of the season. >> that is not it. >> three bats, three balls, two jerseys all signed by jeter. >> nice. >> that is a lot. >> well,. >> it is a ball worth a lot of money. >> lopez would have to pay taxes to the irs if those are classified at prizes rather
9:30 am
than gifts. now who determines that? >> irs? >> that story tires me. >> me too. >> wears me out. >> me too. here is the thing why do we as citizens and consumers and the regular people why do we have to bare the brunt if you win the lottery, $100 million why does the government get $50 million what did they do? >> why can't this guy he does the right thing gives a ball back the yankees reward him and he may have to pay taxes on it? >> same as $15 trillion in debt >> i don't really care i care. >> this story just makes me tired. >> don't get me started all we do all day is tell you about prices going up prices going up are your salaries going up? >> does he even want this stuff now? >> give me the ball back. >> are you two done? >> yeah, tucker. >> this doesn't exhaust you?
9:31 am
>> i support the orioles, no one ever hits any famous balls so nationals no problem. >> plenty of suites give away. >> they do. >> but it will cost you. >> right. >> no famous baseball in a national park. current temperatures, 88 degrees. >> i loved 1988 it is near and dear to my heart. >> is it? >> when i graduated from hampton. >> 8 monassit too. 88 quantico, annapolis, you get the idea overnight lows only back low 80s probably know that is not where we should be this time of year we are starting off very warm across the area, humid too possibility of thunderstorms back in the forecast later this afternoon here is good news cooler and dryer air on the way not much out there, haze humidity but generally, sunshine a few
9:32 am
clouds moving through too frontal system, cold front it will continue to sag through the south and east, so the risk of a shower or thunder storm, 30, 40% chance later this afternoon best chance best dynamics will be south and east, it is possible we could see some strong storms cooking out there later the day but for the entire area, whether you see the rain or not, cooler is dryer air on the way future cast shower activity i told you, 5:00 p.m., scattered nature of the showers and thunderstorms but the red indicating intensity so it is possible, 8:00 p.m. tonight just to the south carolina earn maryland, low eastern shore pretty good thunderstorms late this afternoon and tonight and then get it out of here, and dew point will rolely start to fall overnight temperatures will too we will be down right comfortable it will be beautiful bott testimony line next four days, 93 still hot sunshine, hot, mention thunderstorms, winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10 miles
9:33 am
per hour early storm tonight, clearing and cooler overnight 68 your overnight low winds out of the north, 5 to 10. tomorrow, close to perfect, 86 with sunshine friday 5, you get -- 85, you get the idea, sunny best part of humidity, next several days, looking at an absolutely gorgeous forecast >> i love it tucker. >> okay. >> if the prompter could please switch i would appreciate it greatly time to open up the buzz bin on this wednesday morning actress halle berry spooked by a stocker. >> and rodney king back in the news for more on these we bring it to tmzs dax holt, good morning. >> morning. >> good morning. >> man, scary stuff with halle berry frightening and close tell us what is going on. >> okay so basically there was this guy who kept climbing over her wall at her house he did it three days in a row, saturday, sunday and then monday they
9:34 am
finally caught him he tried to scale it one more time her private security was bumped up a little bit they caught him arrested him brought him in but she filed for a restraining order and talks about that night when she first encountered him basically what happened he climbed over the fence she was in her garage which she turned into a salon detached from the house she leaves the garage to go inside to grab herself a drink and closes the glass door right behind her turns around because she felt like someone was standing there he was a foot from here staring in at her she immediately locked the door, ran upstairs, slammed every door got upstairs, they show up and got the guy but she says i am freaked out for my life and my child and i don't want this guy any where around so that is why she filed for that restraining order which is completely necessary it sounds like. >> they has the where with all i think i have seen her in a
9:35 am
movie like that she knew how to get that dead bolt on and do all those doors amazing and frightening. >> yeah. >> what happens he is in custody right? the guy >> he is in custody correct and obviously this restraining order i don't see any problem with the judge approving in one he will have to stay away from her and we will see if he ends up trying to go back if that is the case he will go back for a long time. hey, dax speaking of staying out of trouble rodney king back in trouble what is going on. >> yes, he was detained yesterday, for suspicion of d u i and then later arrested basically mareno california, cops pulled him over because of simple infractions driving and when they were talking to him they thought hmm something doesn't seem right they took him to the station they did not say what substance he would be under suspicion for, drugs or alcohol but never the less they later arrested him we got the mug shot up on the website and
9:36 am
you know, this isn't the first time he has been busted for a dui in 2003 he was on pcp and ended up going 100 miles an hour through a red light and crashing into a pole and later into a house he has had quite a few run in s with the law over the years. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> that's too bad with rodney king. >> yeah, we are rooting for him. >> yeah. >> well, catch dax and the rest of the crew of tmz after the news edge at 6. tony over to you. >> thank you very much. >> a mix up of an unusual kind. >> beth. >> people who live in this house came home to discover that someone had been working on their roof only problem is, they never called a roofer. what happens now coming up. meanwhile another look at today's trivia question, it is
9:37 am
a good one what did christopher cockerol invent with his wife's hair drier. the answer coming up in just a little bit don't go any where 9:37 a.m. all the traffic on your carpet really adds up,
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nothing revives carpets like resolve high traffic foam. don't just vacuum clean, resolve clean.
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some sad news from hollywood the man who created some of the most loved shows in the 60s and 70s has died. he died early tuesday in california age 94, his family says he hoped to bring gilligan's island to the big screen like his brady bunch movies in the 90s he started his career as a writer for bob hope's radio show. >> imagine being at work while a contractor you never liared is doing work at your -- hired
9:41 am
is doing work at your house. >> it appear it is contractor went to the wrong home and started swinging hammers, beth parker has that story. >> reporter: from down below it looks ordinary but when josh from aspen contracting makes it up on the roof. >> two openings here where it looks like it was nailed in originally and then renailed in. >> aspen is the third party that sharon moore called for help after she had a strange experience at her home june 30th. >> i was at work and got a phone call from my dog walker and neighbor and then another neighbor telling me there are people on my roof, doing roofing work and i said but i didn't contract for anybody. >> that's right someone was tearing the shingles off her roof. >> i was mad because people had been on my property and doing things to my house i didn't ask them to do i was really upset. >> by the time she made it home the workers were no longer on her property but her yard was full of debris her next door
9:42 am
neighbor hired them. >> i had to walk over there, no pod diapproached me. >> she asked one of the workers what happened he said oh, mistake, we fixed it. >> moores had their roof inspected just this past april they were told there was a little evidence of some minor hail damage but that otherwise the roof was just fine. >> the warranty on my roof is voided and i had years left on it if there is damage to the roof now my insurance won't cover it because it is mechanical not an act of god something wrong with my roof. john pell says while the moores did nothing wrong it is a reminder for all of us. >> the reason you have a licensed bonded insured contractor is for this reason if there is ever a problem you have a pocket you can go after to fix it. >> moores snapped this photo of a worker on the roof with a blower she says air from the blower broke the seal on the shingles. >> if i try to press it down, get it to seal, it won't.
9:43 am
>> moores say just having a roof over their heads isn't very reas suring. -- reassures. >> her husband called the company the person who entered apologized and agreed to a one year warranty we reached out and got no response chef. >> a dance experience unlike any other holly gives us a preview of the latest production from the caricola dance theatre. >> have you seen the new starbucks sized drink, the trenta it is big how big? we will show you next consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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you can see a unique show
9:47 am
performed in abu dhabi paris and london. holly morris is there to learn more about the production. hey, holly this looks fantastic. >> reporter: it is absolutely over the top spectacular this really is not just a production or performance when you come here and see it, it really is an experience that is a journey that takes you through this incredible story, the director of the dance theatre joins me now inside the eisenhower theatre we have already started the finale because it is so long we want to get in as much of it as we can but you compared this to a 100-meter sprint what does that mean? >> well, the sprint for 100 meters we watch them we love to see them underlying performance is over we love it but the sprinters you know, getting ready, preparing himself for over five, six all his life maybe many years, for that 10 seconds and this is the same effort these dancers ands, this
9:48 am
production the people whether from abu dhabi cultural authority or caricala this is four years for this production. >> took you four years to get to the states. >> the last time we were here 2009, abe lab festival grease -- arab festival it was a great experience quite a spectical out there, and some times it is good for people to know how long it takes to put on something that big. >> because you make it look so easy and spectacular. >> those doctors are wonderful. >> i think you might have had a bit of it as well every aspect of this show is on a grand level is it true when i was reading about the leads it takes four to five hours. >> yes, the actor who play it
9:49 am
is personality of the king goes through a very long make up process so he looks exactly like the real zaid. and not only that he went through three months process on stage t, eat, movement, and and off stage performance is over but he continued off stage. >> let's let our viewers live the experience for a moment we will be wyoming yet and let you experience -- we will be quiet and let you experience a bit of zaid and the dream ♪ [ music ] ♪
9:50 am
>> it is making its american pre mere here in the eisenhower theatre at the kennedy center is our website we have a link to the kennedy center stage get your tickets to two performances, friday and
9:51 am
saturday night 8:00 p.m. tickets start as low as $45 come on out and experience a performance unlike any other. back to you all in studio. >> indeed. thank you. >> that is a big cast too thank you. new this morning a potential break through in the fight against hiv and aids two new studies in africa found daily pills prevented infection with the aids virus in heterosexual men and women by 63% or more results contradict earlier research that show the pills did not prevent infection in women in some african nations authors think the earlier work may have been flawed. 19 major restaurant chains including burger king, chillies i hop and dennys making meals for kids healthier, some 15,000 restaurant locations that will go out of their way the give parentss ons including more fruits, vegetables, lane proteins, whole grains, low fat
9:52 am
dairy they must include at least one kid's meal no more than 600-caloriecan't include soda there must be a side dish choice fewer than 200 calories at burger king french fries and soda will no longer be default choices, instead servers will ask whether they prefer milk or sliced apples before putting the meal together. >> burger king hat apple fries. >> i -- has apple fries too >> i would be happy if they got the order right quite frankly. >> anyhow. >> how about starbucks you like them? >> we have been talking about this, the new trenta size you are familiar with this tucker. >> well, i have a history of drinking large sodas. >> you don't drink soda why did you say that? >> in my life i have had a lot of soda. >> now you drink iced coffee. >> 8-ounces bigger than their last biggest size. >> 7-ounces bigger than vente,
9:53 am
50¢ more at 31-ounces, like the big gullible out there for awhile just what it is. >> 32-ounces. >> now starbucks -- >> i feel sadly most americans will be able to handle this just fine. >> i suspect you are right. >> let's take a closer look at tony's large fruity drink. >> it comes in tucker iced coffee or tea starbucks said they were not doing traphigh calorie ones because they would be over the top. >> that is delicious. >> the tea is 90 calories unsweetened or everything unsweetened 90 calories sweetened 230 calories. >> is this tea or lemonade. >> tea. >> it is passion tea. >> different flavours tasting that. >> you can only get iced coffee or tea. >> yep. >> mm, that is really nice. >> same drink just in a bigger size. >> and so now this is the
9:54 am
largest trente. >> vente is down and this is trente. >> tall. >> sorry i answered that too quickly. >> it is a starbucks culture. >> get it today. >> starting now, they released it yesterday and we are one of the -- they have introduced this in other parts of the country now we have it here. >> starbucks said people want add bigger drink. >> we deserve it when the daytime temperature is 95. >> maybe you will drink this whole thing. >> we bought these not starbucks so we could have said bad things but they are good. >> thanks. >> all right. >> coming up. >> answer to today's trivia question request coming up next. >> speaking of questions do you have one you would like me to answer? please send it to me head to click on the morning tab for the link to ask alison we do this on a variety of topics, we love family
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let's answer the trivia question what did he invent with his wife's hair drier in the 1950s. the lover craft. >> really. >> the hover craft he tested theories with a blow drier and tin cans, he was forced to sell personal possessions to finance his research but you know what it paid off >> i hope it did. >> did it pay off? >> i don't know we are associated his name with it. >> for some body i don't know -- probably he got it. >> let's just say he did. >> listen, we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day.
9:59 am
>> lindy funk it is your day. again today is your lucky day hope you are having a great wednesday if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook. post comment under lindy's photo. >> do we have time for this nats loan all-star play add big role mid-season classic, only faced one batter in the 4th national league down 1-0. aid reason eye could single the left off of him what? but jose batista thrown out at the plate i don't understand anything i am saying 3 run homer, he is your mvp clifford got the win. >> look how fast he is running? >> no,. >> okay. >> why is he running so fast. >> that is his style his signature. >> 93 this afternoon scattered late day storms could be on